Victorian Chess Clubs

Canterbury Junior Chess Club - our junior club.

Croydon Chess Club

Geelong Chess Club

Hobsons Bay Chess Club (Old site)

Melbourne Chess Club

Noble Park Chess Club

Ranges Chess Club



Chess Chat - We often post information here in the Upcoming and Current Tournaments forum.



Coaching Services and Sponsors

Chess Australia - a sponsor of our Sunday tournaments.

Chess Ideas

Northern Star Chess - a sponsor of our Sunday tournaments.

Clubs of Australia


For Absolute Beginners

Chess Corner - Learning resources for new players.


For More Advanced Learners

Chess Tactics - An online book.

Professor Chess




Recommended books - A list from the American trainer Dan Heisman, who has also written a number of good instructional books of his own.

Recommended books at BeginChess - A useful list organised by player rating.


Official Chess Bodies

Chess Victoria - the umbrella chess organization in Victoria.

Australian Chess Federation (ACF) - Australia's national body.

FIDE: World Chess Federation - the world chess organisation.


Useful Sites

Australian Chess Ratings (ACF)

International Chess Ratings (FIDE)

Laws of Chess

Chess Results

Portable Game Notation (PGN) - Wikipedia overview.

Portable Game Notation (PGN) - Specification.

Digital Game Technology (DGT) - Digital chess clocks and electronic boards.



Gerry Hartland - for many years a pillar of this club. His paintings can be seen on his website.


Other Resources

Chess Mentor - A recommended training and learning program.

Tactics Training at

ICC - The Internet Chess Club

ICC Chess.FM - An extensive selection of chess videos from chess trainers and grandmasters.

FICS - The free internet chess server.

Chess Tempo - Tactical training.

Chess Tactics Server

Chess Cafe

Chess Games - A large searchable collection of games.

Chess Microbase - You can create databases of your own games here or look at other people's public databases.


Chess Programs & Utilities

PGN Viewers

Winboard - A downloadable PGN viewer and editor.

pgn4web - A javascript viewer designed for use on web pages.

Chess Tempo Viewer - A javascript viewer that can also be embedded in web pages. Editor and Viewer