Welcome to the website of the Box Hill Chess Club

The Box Hill Chess Club combines with the Canterbury Junior Chess Club to form one of the largest chess playing groups in suburban Melbourne. Amongst its combined membership of well over one hundred are some of the best known players in Victoria, such as Victorian champion Bobby Cheng, former triple Australian Champion Douglas Hamilton, present Chess Victoria president IM Leonid Sandler, and Karl Zelesco the nation’s biggest rating improver.

The club meets at the Emulation Hall, 3 Rochester Road, Canterbury every Tuesday and Friday night and rated tournaments are organized on both nights throughout the year. The club actively supports the development of junior chess through its junior organization Canterbury Junior Chess Club inc. New members and visitors are welcome at the club. The club’s premises are spacious and well lit.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments at moderate prices are available on all nights.

Marcus Raine's bookstall operates at the club on Tuesday and Friday nights.

The club is affiliated with Chess Victoria the umbrella chess organization in this state and co-operates with CV in the operation of the Interclub competition. Since 2005 we have been awarded the Victorian Open Championship and the Victorian Junior Championships

The club maintains extensive programs for the Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday tournaments and members and visitors are welcome in our events.

Live Games

The live game display shows the 5 DGT board games at the club as they occur.
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